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We believe in using state-of-the-art technology to deliver reliable and professional service at reasonable prices to our customers. We grow and develop with our customer's needs in mind. OneHoster.com gives your web sites the competitive edge you are looking for. We provides high quality affordable web hosting solutions. We maintain our own dedicated server, running Linux and windows operating system. Our network monitoring software ensures servers up time and necessary bandwidth that you can rely on for your applications.

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Web Design

As a part of our customer care we always try to make it easy to get you online, we offer many tools and services to easily get your business online and increase your profit.

Our expertise is in front-end design and development. We design websites that not only look great but are easy to use and navigate. We always use the best web standards and design practices.

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Graphic Design

We are not only your web hosting company we can also design, develop your web site and create graphic design for your company. OneHoster.com is not only a web solution company we try to helping you in your promotional materials like graphic design or multimedia CD.


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Unlimited Bandwidth Policy

OneHoster Inc. allows bandwidth as your plan say for all sites, except for those that:

  • Run any type of Real Media files, including .ra, .ram, .rm, .mp3, .mov, and .avi files.
  • Offer any type or size of downloads including .exe files, .zip or any other compressed files and .pdf files.
  • Offer any type or size of files to be linked to another web sites. Operate any type of chat, Web Cams, forums or sites dedicated to be photo galleries.
  • Allow visitors to upload files.
  • For sites meeting these conditions, OneHoster Inc. promises to deliver truly unlimited bandwidth.

If your site can not meet all of the conditions listed above, OneHoster Inc. will allow extra bandwidth and you have to charge for each GB above your original plan.OneHoster Inc. allows bandwidth as your plan say for all sites, except for those that:

Please note that over 85% of our clients never exceed even 2000 megs of total FTP and web page transfer combined, so you can be assured that our bandwidth is not choked by numerous 'load-heavy' sites. To further protect the integrity of our service, any individual site consistently using 10% or more of the system's resources may be issued a warning or have its account deactivated.

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